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From New York to Tokyo, vinyl has become the best material to create limited figures. Most often used by indie artists or small labels, it's a well-known fact that usually a toy is vinyl. Most recently, artists tend to use new materials such as cast resin, wood or french porcelain ! Find a large selection of the best figures we found all over the world.

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2B (NieR : Automata) - S.H. Figuarts2B (NieR : Automata) - S.H. Figuarts
Batman (The Flash) - S.H. FiguartsBatman (The Flash) - S.H. Figuarts
Son Goku (Dragon Ball GT) - S.H. FiguartsSon Goku (Dragon Ball GT) - S.H. Figuarts
Metal Cooler (Dragon Ball Z) - S.H. FiguartsMetal Cooler (Dragon Ball Z) - S.H. Figuarts
Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta (Dragon Ball GT) - S.H. FiguartsSuper Saiyan 4 Vegeta (Dragon Ball GT) - S.H. Figuarts
Mimi Wobbly Stripey by Dave CooperMimi Wobbly Stripey by Dave Cooper
Pre-order400% Bearbrick Portable Speaker Rinaro - Smoke400% Bearbrick Portable Speaker Rinaro - Smoke
Pre-order400% Bearbrick Portable Speaker Rinaro - Clear400% Bearbrick Portable Speaker Rinaro - Clear
Lampman by Joan CornellàLampman by Joan Cornellà
Lampman by Joan Cornellà Sale price450,00 €
400% + 100% Bearbrick Rainbow Heart Bear400% + 100% Bearbrick Rainbow Heart Bear
Angel Boy-Bat Boy-BronzeAngel Boy-Bat Boy-Bronze
Angel Boy-Bat Boy-Bronze Sale price95,00 €
The Boy-Cosmos-Blue SkyThe Boy-Cosmos-Blue Sky
The Boy-Cosmos-Blue Sky Sale price165,00 €
The Boy-Dreams-WonderLandThe Boy-Dreams-WonderLand
The Boy-Dreams-WonderLand Sale price459,90 €
The Boy-Rider-1971The Boy-Rider-1971
The Boy-Rider-1971 Sale price165,00 €
Good Night Series-Bunny-MilkGood Night Series-Bunny-Milk
Good Night Series-Bunny-Milk Sale price137,50 €
Sank-Pixel Series-BFFSank-Pixel Series-BFF
Sank-Pixel Series-BFF Sale price129,90 €
Puzzle-Leap-The DuskPuzzle-Leap-The Dusk
Puzzle-Leap-The Dusk Sale price275,00 €
Sank-Whale Fall-BluesSank-Whale Fall-Blues
Sank-Whale Fall-Blues Sale price309,90 €
Sank-Pumpkin-Purple Sale price129,90 €
Sank-Little Ghost-YellowSank-Little Ghost-Yellow
Sank-Little Ghost-Yellow Sale price55,00 €
Sank-Little Ghost-BlueSank-Little Ghost-Blue
Sank-Little Ghost-Blue Sale price55,00 €
SankToys x Jon-Paul-Kaiser - After the Rain-FireworkSankToys x Jon-Paul-Kaiser - After the Rain-Firework
Good Night Series-CrystalGood Night Series-Crystal
Good Night Series-Crystal Sale price129,90 €
Sank-Good Night Series-NightsSank-Good Night Series-Nights
Sank-Good Night Series-Nights Sale price75,00 €
Good Night Series-Keep Me Company SummerGood Night Series-Keep Me Company Summer
Black Seed-LuciferBlack Seed-Lucifer
Black Seed-Lucifer Sale price285,00 €
Lost-Steam Punk-BluesLost-Steam Punk-Blues
Lost-Steam Punk-Blues Sale price149,90 €
Sank-Fantastic Caudex-blackSank-Fantastic Caudex-black
Sank-Fantastic Caudex-black Sale price139,90 €
Sank-Banana Sale price115,00 €
Sank-1000%-Thailand Special EditionSank-1000%-Thailand Special Edition
Sank-Pixel Series-AtomSank-Pixel Series-Atom
Sank-Pixel Series-Atom Sale price129,90 €
On the Way-Skater Boy-WindOn the Way-Skater Boy-Wind
On the Way-Skater Boy-Wind Sale price115,00 €
ON THE WAY-Beach Boy-UNICORN Sale price115,00 €
Sank-Action Figure-Retro BoySank-Action Figure-Retro Boy
Sank-Action Figure-Retro Boy Sale price185,00 €
Sank-Action Figure-Future BoySank-Action Figure-Future Boy
Sank-Action Figure-Future Boy Sale price185,00 €
Shape-Spray Can-ColorfulShape-Spray Can-Colorful
Shape-Spray Can-Colorful Sale price199,90 €