1/12 Robox Basic

59,90 €

1000toys is a very inventive toy producer from Japan connected to Sen-ti-nel. 1000toys loves to explore new frontiers in terms of figurines, always pushing forward the complexity of its figures.

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ROBOX is a radical new art toy product by 1000toys, which features an original designed robot by Kim Jung-Gi that transforms from a "box" shaped  form into a "humanoid" form.

ROBOX comes with two removable guns and a shield.

Various types of items are planned for this series.

Référence : 1000TROBOXBAS
Hauteur : 15 cm
Conditionnement : Boîte-Fenêtre
Univers : Kim Jung-Gi
Artiste : Kim Jung-Gi
Fabricant : 1000Toys

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