Hellboy Action Figure

149,90 €

Warning : this thing is a really massive!

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This Hellboy action figure is for sure the best of the best in terms of action figure savoir-faire and it pays a unique tribute to the Mike Mignola's masterpiece.

We offer you some 1000toys products since few months and each time we discover their creations we're upside down with their technique and quality mastery. As we thought we saw most of their abilities with previous releases, we thought that they would develop this new Hellboy using parts of previous projects such as Synthetic Human, but no. Once again they push the boundaries and to be honest this is a first time for us especially concerning the shoulders articulations and they completed it with a massive right hand fully articulated from the elbow to the tips of fingers.

Cherry on the cake it comes with an extra head, 3 extra left hands, a big gun, a holster to fix on the belt, a raincoat...

That figure is just perfect and it comes in a very nice sheath box with a beautiful illustration by the Master Mignola himself.

Référence : 1000THELLBOY
Hauteur : 15 cm
Conditionnement : Boîte-Fenêtre
Univers : Hellboy
Fabricant : 1000Toys

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