Kuniyoshi Utagawa - Goldfish - Sake no Zashiki


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The goldfish is an animal that has the particularity of being the conveyor of a dramatic awareness in children: death. Indeed, who has never brought back a wriggling fish from some fair before, a few days later, to find it less wriggling and on its back? "He's gone to the animal farm," "He's better off where he is," the remorseful parents say to the harsh reality of this fish on its back.

There follows a questioning on the living conditions of these animals, on the diet that was perhaps unsuitable or on the propensity of the house cat to accept or not a little surprise snack. All these questions seem legitimate, but that would be to forget an essential fact: fish are big choppers.

Meals under the ocean, alcohol, music and dancing are on the program, which does not particularly extend their life expectancies. The artist Kuniyoshi Utagawa has decided to represent these crazy evenings unfortunately absent from Finding Nemo, in the form of small figurines which are 4 in number!

Surprise box sold individually.

  • Reference : MINQKUGSNZ
  • Height : 2.8 - 6.5 cm
  • Weight : 0.1 kg
  • Designer : Kuniyoshi Utagawa
  • Producer : MiniQ
  • Simplified color : Bleu
Kuniyoshi Utagawa - Goldfish - Sake no Zashiki