Vivi Cat Helmet


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I could write an 8,900 word text to explain to you why the cat is the best animal in the world, independent enough not to be intrusive, and affectionate enough to console you in times of sadness.

I was convinced until today that the most beautiful feline was mine, Guy, a very cute little cat who spends a dream life sleeping and eating (by the way Guy if you read me, hello my little baby).

But that was until the Vivi Cat Helmet arrived. The concept is simple, 9 figurines of cats with a helmet and accessories that will define its function.

So find:

  • Motorcycle Helmet
  • Safety Helmet
  • Baseball Helmet
  • Ice Hockey Helmet
  • Football Helmet
  • Ski Helmet
  • Watermelon Helmet
  • Barricade Helmet
  • Bicycle Helmet

Sold in a blind box and individually.

  • Reference :
  • Height : 7.5 - 9.5 cm
  • Packaging : Blind Box
  • Producer : Popmart
  • Universe : Vivicat
  • Simplified color : Multicolore
Vivi Cat Helmet