Art & Culture Pop with Mighty Jaxx
05 juin
Art & Culture Pop with Mighty Jaxx

"My nose, what's wrong with my nose?"...

Taken from the famous Disney cartoon, Pinocchio, this replica now echoes a series of figurines, personifying the wooden puppet, imagined by artist Juce Gace and edited by Mighty Jaxx. The last is also in size XXL. An exceptional piece that deconstructs the image of Pinocchio that we relate to childhood. Yes, like us this dear Pinocchio has ... grown up! And that's the force and the subtlety of the figures put forward by Mighty Jaxx: appealing to our personal and artistic culture through colorful characters and sometimes from very famous universes like DC Comics, Looney Tunes or Sesame Street.

This is why the Singapore company never ceases to surprise with its pop culture figurines, whose shimmering colors catch the eye in a second. But the strength of Mighty Jaxx is not only to make the most of a license like Sesame Street, with its beautiful XXRAY Cookie Monster, or Adventure Time with its BMO with a bright heart, it is also to surround yourself with exceptional artists. Ron English, a big fan of the editor, to whom we owe Grin in collaboration with Staple Design but also Alex Face with Baby Beyond (pink version) are among those who trust the editor to give life to their desires. As for Yoskay Yamamoto with Clear Sideways or Juce Gace with Maneki Dino, the ranks of Mighty Jaxx swell with talent (s).

Clear Sideways par Yoaskay Yamamoto 

Grin (mono edition) par Ron English x Staple

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