Arsham x Sorayama, the expo that launches 2G Studio
20 nove.
Arsham x Sorayama, the expo that launches 2G Studio

After a tantalizing teaser we finally discovered a piece of this expo so expected !

Two names. Two monsters of contemporary art. Sorayama and Arsham. If one talks about robotic and metallic bodies, the other favors the relation to nature with archeological objects created from scratch. This confrontation in artistic practices today gives rise to an exhibition under the lap of Medicom Toy. Yes, at the origin of 2G Studio, where is exposed this joint work, there is Medicom Toy come to strengthen a bridge between the arts more and more present.

Wanting to create a hybrid and promising place, Medicom has launched 2G Studio which concentrates a gallery space, a very select shop but also an Art Toys section. Obviously. The giant art toy has hit hard for its launch since the gallery was inaugurated yesterday with the Sorayama and Arsham collaboration, symbolized by two arms intersecting, hand in hand. A poetic approach that opposes the machine to nature in a dance that we know is dark and yet here hypnotizing. A successful bet for Medicom Toy that creates even more envy with an Art Toys space in which many exclusive Bearbrick will be presented.

You will still have to fly, 2G Studio is part of Shibuya PARCO mall located in Japan !

Credits : Sorayama/ Arsham/ 2G Studio/ Shibuya PARCO

Source : Sorayama/ Arsham Instagram 

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