1000% Bearbrick The Shining by Medicom Toy, again available !
07 juin
1000% Bearbrick The Shining by Medicom Toy, again available !

Medicom Toy and Stanley Kubrick is a great love story, proof is with this 1000% Bearbrick with the very famous pattern ...

This is the director whose name is on everyone's lips: Stanley Kubrick. Although dead since 1999, many artists still pay him tribute. As far as we are concerned, Medicom Toy, who was right in taking the codes of the film to embellish his mythical Bearbrick, is presented here in 1000%.

What's more iconic than taking up the carpet's pattern on which Danny Torrance - Jack Nicholson's child in the movie - passes in a tricycle. Before we discover the path is labyrinthine and scary of the hotel, we even attend one of the craziest movie scenes of cinema with a perfect sequence shot. The retro carpet, inspired by Art Deco, haunts us like the twins Danny sees.

Released in 1980 Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, but taken from Stephen King's book, is more contemporary than ever. Its visual codes have their place on the 1000% Bearbrick, which still has more hype than a pillow from The Overloook Hotel's carpet.

Lucky you, this 1000% Bearbrick The Shining from Medicom Toy is already online !

crédits : Stanley Kubrick / Warner Bros. / Hawk Films

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