3 POP figures to discover Joe Ledbetter's work
23 octo.
3 POP figures to discover Joe Ledbetter's work

We want to talk about an artist for whom pop influences are a religion.

Right from Los Angeles, the artist Joe Ledbetter is special with his influences: classic animation, comics, video games or 80's are part of his creative mind. Highly sought after, the designer is always available to make collab figurines. And among them, some new toys that give you a glimpse of the work of Joe Ledbetter.

For the Designer Con, which takes place in Los Angeles on November 22, 23 and 24, Joe Ledbetter has teamed up with Medicom to create a Ringo Bearbrick. With a mischievous look, a deep orange color, this Bearbrick shows Joe Ledbetter's attraction for bold colors and thick black lines. However, if you have a little idea there, the best is to turn to a more emblematic piece of his work.

Wolfgang. This is the name of this 10'5" toy representing a coyote pulling the tongue to the ground and whose brain emerges from his body. An essential reference to cartoons that we love as the blue, white, pink and black colored part used to give it his special arty look. Joe Ledbetter don't forget any details because each figurine must give the impression of being in motion, to be an animate object. With Wolfgang, it's a success !

But the one that interests us today is surely his colorblock interpretation of Batman. Definitely, the superhero is everywhere. In partnership with DC Collectibles and Toy Tokyo, Joe Ledbetter presents a bubble gum version of the darkest of the nice heroes. With the black lines that give it its contours and its animal appearance, Batman is transformed ! With sharp-toothed and outspread wings, Joe Ledbetter's Batman would be a perfect entry for Halloween. Published with 500 pieces, it is available on the Toy Tokyo website for $ 75

Credits : Joe Ledbetter

Source : Joe Ledbetter Instagram