After Yuki, Lang Studio releases Healing City !
14 sept.
After Yuki, Lang Studio releases Healing City !

Once again you will fall in love for these little characters full of fantasy

You know Yuki, this adorable character who looks like a nice little monster and now discover Healing City, a new series imagined by Lang Studio for Popmart. The publisher is a specialist in mini figures, we are not surprised to hear you say "too cute" in front of these future residents of your shelves. We did the same when we saw them. But beyond their certain aestheticism, who are the characters of Healing City ?

We present to you Yoka, Ben, Ono and Mio, Yuki's 4 new friends. If one is constantly posed on the ground, the others take the pose declining several expressions. Joy, grief, perplexity, disappointment, turedness... they all struggle to prevent us from having these feelings on our daily life. Say bye bye to the pills, the new trendy remedy can be found in its Healing City collections with bright and pop colors. Better than a vitamin, for sure ! To discover them, go right here...

Credits : Popmart / Lang Studio
Source : Popmart Instagram 

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