Art Ludique moves ...
02 avril
Art Ludique moves ...

This is only a "goodbye", the Museum Art Ludique moves but does not disappear!

The most original and contemporary Parisian museums (see the world!) Leaves the walls of the City of Fashion and Design. Let's say it, it's not a goodbye! The Museum will soon find, hopefully, a great and beautiful place!The press community on Facebook: "Art Ludique is moving out: The exhibitions created by the museum are currently travelling throughout the world: In 2018, DC Exhibition: Dawn of Super Heroes is presented at the O2 in London until September 1st, The Art of Walt Disney Animation Studios : Movement by Nature in Tokyo, then Niigata, and will be in Sendai until the end of September, and the exhibition Aardman : Art that Takes Shape will open in Seoul from April until mid-July. In Paris, the team is moving to a new big “Ludique” venue in order to prepare its next exhibition. See you in a few months!"

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