Beijing Toy Show 2019, the little summary !
20 août
Beijing Toy Show 2019, the little summary !

A must-see in the long series of events dedicated to figurines, the BTS is once again showing its expertise.

One of the unmissable rendez-vous of the toys scene has just ended but with him is born the certainty that collectible toys are doing well. Gathered at the China International Exhibition Center, publishers and artists were there to meet the many fans who came to admire their creations. For three days - from August 16 to 18 - the syncopations were not far... We have to say that new and upcoming figures are countless.

As a good mistress of ceremony, POP MART brand - instigator of the show - brought together the biggest names in the business : Kennyswork, Coarse, Disney, Unbox Industries, CoolRain Labo, ThreeA, Sank Toys, JT Studio, Modoli, Lucky, Hot Toys, How2Work, Mighty Jaxx ...

CoolRain Labo x Parkk Studio

CoolRain Labo x Kojun Works 

Fools Paradise 

Fools Paradise


JT Studio

Juce Gace x Mighty Jaxx 





Recorder Factory

What to thrill fans calling amazing creations, news and meetings. Discover our small highlight of the figurines seen there !

Go on Beijing Toy Show 2019 for more details... 

Crédits : POP Mart/ PARRK/ CoolRain Labo/ Fools Paradise/ HideLover (Instagram)/ Mighty Jaxx

Source : POP Mart 

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