Black Friday 2021 :
26 nove.
Black Friday 2021 :

You have undoubtedly seen the words Black Friday scrolling everywhere, on social networks, on the radio, on TV, in the corridors of the metro, etc ... Of course your favorite site is no exception to the rule and also offers you from 11/26/2021 to 11/29/2021 inclusive, lots of promotions. So much so that it seems necessary to provide you with a little guide to help you see clearly in this deluge of broken prices.

Artoyz Originals

So what is Artoyz originals? Figures that we make ourselves in collaboration with talented artists and that we publish under our own label. Do you want to get a Beastie Head or a French Lowrider from Alexöne? Teddy Troops? Devilo Erectus or even Bibendum? Well, now is the time to succumb to the temptation, they are all available at a reduced price.


Let's continue this overview with different Bearbick at reduced prices. On the program, 400%, but also 1000% with Elvis by Warhol, Evangelion, Oasis, The Boys, Gromit, Ali by Warhol, Nathalie Lété.

Mighty Jaxx

All of our Mighty Jaxx products are on sale. The opportunity to stock up on Jason Freeny, Junko Mizuno or Alex Face.


Are you a brick lover? Please note that our entire Nanoblock catalog is 25% off. Miniature Pokemon, dogs, cats, dinosaurs or even imposing monuments, there is something for everyone.


As with Mighty Jaxx, the entire Popmart catalog is entitled to a 25% rebate.


Mini figures, this time still with the Smiski, these adorable little fluorescent guys.

Nendoroid & Figma

Nendoroid and Figma figures are also 25% off. Whether you are a fan of chibi design, or ultra realism, you are bound to find something that fits.

Funko Pop

Of course, we have not forgotten the Funko Pop figures which are 60% off.

UDF Peanuts

Do you like Snoopy, peanuts and ultra detail figures from Medicom? That's good for us too, so we sold them out.