CoolrainLabo x Yama are teasing two new figurines
07 août
CoolrainLabo x Yama are teasing two new figurines

Little by little, we have some new clues about these new pieces that mix universes and eras !

On the one hand the South Korean artist Yama, on the other CoolrainLabo whose figurines never go unnoticed. To give life to their artistic collaboration, the two camps have decided to meet their two emblematic characters. An interesting mash-up that is also found in the mix of eras between street culture and World War II.

Fun and offbeat, this project whose details have not yet been revealed shows us Fly Cat and Buddeng sitting on large suitcases (very modern) in revisited pilot's outfit, holding shark bombs. If the leather helmet, the aviator glasses and the bomber are clearly vintage, we like them to be confronted with more urban pieces like the pair of Nike worn by Buddeng. Looks like being a hypebeast makes sense...

If CoolrainLabo and Yama respectively teased these figurines on their Instagram account, for now no date or price have been communicated ... Be patient.

Credits : Yama/ CoolrainLabo

Source : CoolrainLabo/ Vinyl Pulse