Creepy Snoop Yohood Edition by Coté Escrivá x Thunder Mates
03 sept.
Creepy Snoop Yohood Edition by Coté Escrivá x Thunder Mates

From nice Beagle to a strange one, there's obviously only one step. Check out this highly cool version of Snoopy by artist Coté Escrivá.

By following the news of the toys scene, you could not miss the work of the Spanish artist Coté Escrivá. Designer but also illustrator, he imposes himself with a work imbued with pop culture and street art, giving a new image to famous people here it is Snoopy who sticks to it.

Usually we associate "creepy" with the Tales from the Crypt, which have this aesthetic very creepy but very graphic which we love since childhood. This Creepy Snoopy is neither scary nor repulsive although it lacks two-three tricks, like pieces of skin. In this, he could seem "creepy". Coté Escrivá has - visibly - a very particular definition of this expression by revisiting the Beagle comic strip Peanuts in a gradient of pink, contrasting with his visible skeleton. Let's say that we find in this version a softness and tenderness often associated with Snoopy.

Presented at Yo'Hood Festival in Shanghai this week, this 7" Creepy Snoop Yohood Edition will be available at 3PM BTS today on the Thunder Mates website !

Credits : Thunder Mates 

Source : Thunder Mates Instagram 

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