Discover Balance, Cassie Hart x Junk Fed's new figure
27 août
Discover Balance, Cassie Hart x Junk Fed's new figure

Artist Cassie Hart partners with publisher Junk Fed to bring her famous Black Rabbit to life !

Adorable, graphic and poetic, the Black Rabbit artist Cassie Hart is cracking more than one. If we are used to finding her work in 2D, she goes to 3D thanks to Junk Fed to give life to Black Rabbit in a figurine of 4,25". Little ? Yes, but terribly cool. Discover Black Rabbit with its black coat with white spots, the inside of his red ears and almond eyes. But why call it Balance ?

More dramatic, darker than usual, Black Rabbit is not alone ... He balances a skull, which is supposed to be the metaphor of death itself, like a sword of Damocles suspended above the head.

Hand painted and edited to 40 pieces, including 10 to be found at the Dragon Con 2019 in Atlanta on August 29, Balance will be presented at a pre-order on August 29 at 10 pm EDT at a price of $ 75 on the JunkFed website.

Credits : Junk Fed/ Cassie Hart

Source : Toys Revil/ Cassie Hart Instagram