Doraemon x Murakami x Uniqlo coming soon !!!
24 mai
Doraemon x Murakami x Uniqlo coming soon !!!

After getting used to the collab between Snoopy and Kaws, this time it is the turn of the Cat of the Future to pass in the hands of Murakami for a great collection of T-shirts by Uniqlo!

The Japanese brand Uniqlo is preparing to offer a very nice collaboration with the famous futuristic cat Doraemon and Takashi Murakami! We will find the traditional visuals of the artist, namely its iconic flowers with shimmery smile and multicolored petals and especially Doraemon Fujiko Fujio! Icing on the cake, Uniqlo will also feature a Doraemon Plush with Takashi Murakami's flowery pattern!Release planned on May 28!

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