Dunny flies in Balloon version by Wendigo Toys x Kidrobot
05 août
Dunny flies in Balloon version by Wendigo Toys x Kidrobot

Kidrobot's flagship character, Dunny is once again subject to reinterpretation thanks to the talents of Wendigo Toys !

Adorable little rabbit with tubular ears, Dunny is one the reason of Kidrobot's success since his creation in 2004. The craze is such that all want to make their interpretation as Wendigo Toys whose aerial version is not displeasing to us. The Canadian label challenged itself to create a piece between the object of art and the figurine while maintaining the playful character of it. A thin border that finds an answer in a regressive form inspired by helium balloons. 

All the codes are there : metallic colors, shape inflated and impression of wrinkling of the material; Wendigo Toys is all good. From the top of its 8", Balloon Dunny makes us go back to childhood with this floating version to find red and gold. Beware, however, Ballon Dunny red is edited to 1000 copies when its gold version is 300 pieces. We already know that it's almost sold out.

You know what you have left to do...

Credits : Wentigo Toys / Kidrobot

Source : Wentigo Toys/ Kidrobot 

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