Espresso Head, the new figure by Sam Drew aka Lumps
30 juil.
Espresso Head, the new figure by Sam Drew aka Lumps

"One more cup of coffee". Not sure Dylan inspired Lumps for Espresso Head, but no matter how this one is brilliant.

Straight way to Cardiff in England with Lumps, illustrator and independent designer. He proposes an unbridled figurative style where color and derision coexist in a creative and critical explosion that we love. Very recognizable for his characters with large mouths, Lumps doesn't hesitate to flirt with the grotesque to denounce the excesses of society, as here by Espresso Head.

With this personified coffee machine, Lumps wants to show us our dependencies. Thanks to a subtle and colorful , everything becomes clear: we are addicted to coffee - oh well ? - we are addicted to work, where we drink a ton of coffee, we are hooked, simply. With Espresso Head we now understand that the implosion is not far and as to remind us insistently, the illustration turns into a 6" figurine with a transparent dome lid and a removable coffee carafe.

Coffee or figurines lover, Espresso Head is waiting for you at the Lumps site for $ 125.

Credits : Lumps

Source : Lumps