Figure It Out, The Toy Chronicle x Viction:ary's book is out !
18 juin
Figure It Out, The Toy Chronicle x Viction:ary's book is out !

Passionate, novices, curious, all can make an appointment around this book dedicated to designer toys and those who make them.

An idea signed by the editors of the essential The Toy Chronicle to develop a sharp editorial line on toy news around the world.

It all started when Viction:ary, a publisher specializing in the design book, called on The Toy Chronicle to think of Figure It Out's book, which refers to more than 150 designer toys, best covering the artistic scene that accompanies it. Because, yes, the design toy or art toy, is carried out marvelously ! Artists, illustrators, designers, all want to participate and express themselves on this exceptional contemporary medium. Coarse, Colus, Sad Salesman, Jason Freeny and J-Ldn - to name but a few - top the list of 60 artists in The Toy Chronicle's book.

Of course, one can not understand the importance and the craze for designer toys, not to mention the manufacturers and creative studios that associate with artists. Thus, you will have the pleasure of reading major actors' interviews of the environment such as Tatsuhiko Akashi, founder of Medicom Toy or again artists Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk from Coarse. An interesting parallel to have a 360 ° vision.

Between projects and interviews, Figure It Out highlights the special relationship between art and collectible toys' world, becoming a discipline in its own, through 250 pages with very graphic layout. A true art object in its own, The Toy Chronicle and Victon: ary's book Figure It Out delighted lovers of pop culture in search of a world where limited edition is queen.

But still be patient, Figure It Out will soon be available on our site.

Credits et source : The Toy Chronicle/Viction:ary