Fools Paradise releases a new Dokkan Awaken today !
11 juin
Fools Paradise releases a new Dokkan Awaken today !

Fools Paradise, a creative label, returns with an original figure to complete his Dragon Ball Z inspired series and put it in the face of Goku's (actually smaller) one.

Like us, Dragon Ball Z surely made you happy at the dawn of the 90s. Far? But no, not that much since creatives like Fools Paradise reinterpret for us these classics and their iconic characters as this Dokkan Awaken. Moreover this new Super Saiyan 48 cm, neon green hair and the impressive build, is still as extravagant and does not fail to make a wink very supported hypebeast culture.

What's a hypebeast ? Is a person who frantically consumes fashion brands. Without you quoting them you will recognize brands of luxury, streetwear and sneakers. What anchor this character in the air of time, obsessed with branding and logos.

If you liked the previous Dokkan Awaken pink Fools Paradise, no doubt that it will please you: it uses the same visual codes. Published in 398 pieces worldwide, this Dokkan Awaken - Furupawa is available for pre-order today even on the Fools Paradise website!

Credits : Fools Paradise