"FREE WILL" MIST new exhibition !!!
22 nove.
"FREE WILL" MIST new exhibition !!!

It is at the Galerie Le Feuvre that the artist MIST exposes himself solo. Called "FREE WILL", MIST puts us, once again, full eyes!

Between MIST and Artoyz, it's a real love story! MIST founded in 2001 the "Bonus Toyz" label with a friend to produce his own figures and those of other artists chosen by their care. He came into contact with MedicomToy during a stay in Hong Kong and Tokyo.
He produces, among other things, his first articulated figurines, "Malus" and "Bonass". Subsequently MIST collaborates with us to produce Lucius. We can only recommend that you rush to see the works of the exhibition "FREE WILL". It is to be discovered at the Galerie Le Feuvre until December 16th.

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