From Banksy to Paris?
23 juin
From Banksy to Paris?

Several works by the famous and mysterious Graffeur Banksy have appeared on the walls of Paris! Full of meaning, these Graffiti refer to the sad news of the moment ...

After a visit to Calais, Banksy has just "decorated" the gray walls of Paris. Some of these new murals follow her 2009 Go Flock Yourself: a young girl covering a swastika with a pink tapestry near the center that was hosting the refugees.We find his works everywhere in Paris now, especially his rats and also his diversion of painting Bonaparte crossing the Great Saint Bernard of Jacques-Louis David and a man with the saw and his dog with the paw cut. Always very politicized and sharing a strong message, Banksy proves once again that Graffiti and Street Art stand out as a means of universal expression in our sad reality.  Photo Credits: @whyseepee

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