From mini figures' world with love
23 juil.
From mini figures' world with love

Medicom, Superplastic, Kidrobot, Popmart...

Since last week and until August 11, take advantage of many discounts to discover or stock up on figures ! Moreover, they don't have to be big to love them, on the contrary. With all the collections of mini figures from brands like Popmart, Superplastic or even Kidrobot, there is simple to fill a lot of shelves. Take for example Popmart. With Labubu, Molly, Bobo & Coco, Pucky Babies, Mr Cloud, the Can Neko series and its cute cats or Vivicat the lazy cat, there is no doubt that your happiness is there. And 20% discount on all these collections, it's so easy to be happy.

If you like Dunny, then you should look for the Kidrobot mini series, notably the Designer Con 3" Dunny series, the Arcane Divination Dunny Series or even the Kaiju Dunny Series, all 3 with 20% discount. For Superplastic fans, if mini figures are less common there are still pieces from the Janky Series 2 with figures from many artists such as Add Fuel, Pete Fowler or James Groman. Obviously, we know how much you love Bearbrick, this time we play it mini with 100% Peppermint Patty models or the Pop Team set !

As for the Mini Egg Attack Marvel or Disney (-25%), Smiski (-20%), Sonny Angel (-20%) and other Tokidoki figurines (-20%), they will convince you of the power of the mini figurine. Take a look to our summer sales selection