Funko POP! The SimpsonsTreehouse of Horror soon available
09 juil.
Funko POP! The SimpsonsTreehouse of Horror soon available

30 years that Halloween episodes of the Simpsonsare a reference but this year it will be much more special ... Isn' Funko?

Imagine all the special episodes of The Simpsons that have been broadcast since 1990 ! So many fantastic and supernatural adventures that put Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie into funny and terrifying situations. From 1990 to 2000, the Treehouse of Horror was launched one week before Halloween, however, with the agenda increasingly loaded with television channels, we find them now in October without necessarily regularity. Thought in triptych, each episode looks like a horror story where stories mingle but are not alike.

To celebrate that Funko transformed the most famous family of the small screen into POP!figures repeating moments from Treehouse of Horror episodes. Homer finds himself in King Homer (Treehouse of Horror III) when he turns into King Kong and kidnaps Marge when Bart becomes Fly Bart in episode VIII after stealing his father's machine to play with. Obviously something wrong happens : he swaps bodies with a fly, before being saved by his sister Lisa. Speaking of Lisa, it is in demonic version that Funko decides to honor her, resuming his appearance in the Treehouse of Horror XXV when she transforms herself after reading a text apparently very old that Bart submitted to her. What about Marge and Maggie ?

The other two girls in the family also have many suprises : Maggie becomes Alien Maggie in Episode IX after being pushed green tentacles instead of her baby teeth. Marge tells Homer that an alien abducted her two years earlier and she was pregnant of Maggie after that. He would now get herback thanks to the signal that Maggie sends with his ... pacifier. Brilliant! Marge becomes something else too when she turns into a cat in episode XIII. It is by spending special nights with Homer that he understood that she's changing.

You've understood, this Funko POP! series is perfect for celebrating the next The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror, available in October 2019. Theses figurines will be soon available on our site.

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