Futura 2000 x Pop Life, a vynil figure for the SDCC 2019
16 juil.
Futura 2000 x Pop Life, a vynil figure for the SDCC 2019

Why can we spend hours on Instagram ? Surely to discover in the feed that artists like Futura 2000 prepares us nice surprises.

Pop Life has just presented a vinyl figure that will meet a huge success : the collaboration with the graffiti artist Futura 2000. Present on the urban art scene since the 70's Leonard McGurr, his real name, connects the performances confronting his diversity of influences in the eyes of passers-by and gallery regulars. Artist which crosses brilliantly the generations, it surprises again and always by its collaborations. Nike, Medicom Toy or more recently Virgil Abloh from OFF-White for whom he created a milky blue Pointman sculpture, Futura 2000 tries so many ways of expression, notably with the re-launch of Futura Laboratories which makes it return to fashion.

But it's the figurines that interest us here. More abstract and in black and white, we discover Johnny, a figurine with one of Futura 2000 signature characters made in 3D thanks to Pop Life. Discovery in prototype at the ComplexCon 2018, Johnny will not fail to make people crazy at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 in a few days with this final version.

If it already seems to be on its way, Futura 2000 creates a surprise by presenting on Instagram an enigmatic figurine. With his reinterpreted classic costume and its disturbing look, this character already appeared in the paintings and drawings of Futura 2000 has something to please. And yet we have a lot of questions about the finality of this figurine : when will it be launched? In what color(s) ? For what occasion ? Questions, for the moment without answer, that will keep us in suspense. Be patient.

To follow the news of Futura 2000, which looks very rich, go to Instagram !

Crédits : Pop Life/ MINDstyle / Futura 2000
Source : Pop Life Instagram / Futura 2000 Instagram