Gone by Kaws, the new figure so awaited !
29 août
Gone by Kaws, the new figure so awaited !

Each release of a Kaws figure is an event. This time again, he captures the crowds with the reinterpretation of Gone, one of his classics.

The appointment seems already taken for September 20, date of opening of the next exhibition of Kaws, although this one is in Australia. So yes, you can't afford to go back to see it but that does not matter Kaws thought of everything and especially the release of his sculpture GONE on figure.

Remember, GONE represents Companion holding in his arms a BFF not really good. Acquired by the National Gallery of Victoria, where the next exhibition of Kaws is held, GONE now has its mini version, revived in black for a dark and almost dramatic effect. In the original version Companion displays its colors in a grey camieu when BFF sparkles with its electric blue. Not that here. Companion presents itself in a matte black with its mythical cross-eyed eyes, also black for a perfect tone on your tone (the only time we found it was on the Final Days sculpture released in 2018), while BFF is in lacquered black, pink nose and white eyes with black crosses.

Kaws plays their own visual codes to confuse and intrigue his fans, who won't fail to jump on the figurines since released. Moreover, if we know that the exhibition KAWS : COMPANIONSHIP IN THE AGE OF LONELINESS opens September 20 in Melbourne, we have no news about the release date of GONE. Only one ? It will be sold on the shop of the National Gallery of Victoria and on the site of Kaws.

Stay tuned, you will have to elbow your way to get your copy of GONE by Kaws.

Credits : Kaws 

Source : Kaws

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