15 juil.

Radically different, the figurines designed by Greg "Craola" Simkins and Unruly Industries will not fail to surprise you and make you want them.

Known for his treatment of a dreamlike and complex bestiary, Greg "Craola" Simkins tries mediums in search of expression. Everytime where we don't expect him, the one whose first love was the graffiti, amazes by the launch of three figurines with Unruly Industries.

Since 2013, Stabby, Greg Knight's "Craola" Simkins' charming knife with sharpened happiness is needed. With his comic strip style, his look close to the characters of the mythical Fleisher Studios, especially in the treatment of black & white, Stabby is the perfect character to turn into figurine. That's why Unruly Industries teamed up with Greg "Craola" Simkins resulting in a sculpture with a movement effect, Stabby arching his silhouette, hand on hip and the other making the sign V, symbol of peace born in the 60s-70s with hippie people ! Some details about the official release of this figure are missing, but some pieces will already be available at San Digeo Comic-Con at both stands of SideShow Collectibles and Unruly Industries.

Why stop at the launch of a figurine when you can do two more. With Magi and Maret, it is the Starry Knights Universe of Greg "Craola" Simkins who is highlighted. These mystical characters, slender and half-animal are perfectly haunting. Faceless, the body completely matt black, Magi and Maret - respectively rabbit and centaur - play the guardians of a world where abstraction and figurative merge.

For the moment no release date has been communicated concerning these two new figures Greg "Craola" Simkins x Unruly Industries but with Comic-Con approaching, surprises can happen very quickly.