Guan Chun x Soap Studio Unicat, put color in your life !
10 sept.
Guan Chun x Soap Studio Unicat, put color in your life !

Do you like unicorns ? Do you like cats ? So here is the happiness embodied for you : Unicat. And he has many surprises ...

Guan Chun created the Strange Cat Family series in 2018, inspired by this funny animal that is the cat - of course - but also by other animals whose details challenged him. Mixing everything, we get the Strange Cat Family which includes the colorful Unicat. Everything is said in his name, it is a mixture between a unicorn (a mythological and so cool animal) and a cat. Hybrid but no less cute, Unicat has a horn, a white coat mostly with rainbow hair and has a particularity that makes us laugh a lot.

This cat can make rainbow ice cream. Yes, but it doesn't come out of anywhere. Sweep the ideas that come to mind and keep only the cute side of this cat decidedly unlike any other. What we like the most ? He has a very funny grumpy look.

To you this 6" figurine of a hybrid and fantastic animal, of which only the famous Chinese artist Guan Chun has the secret, which is to be found in pre-order on the websites of Soap Studio and Toyqube for about $95.

Credits : Guan Chun / Soap Studio

Source : The Toy Chronicle