Hench are available on Artoyz, discover the latest toy of Superplastic
11 sept.
Hench are available on Artoyz, discover the latest toy of Superplastic

In the Superplastic band, let's ask the new guy : Hench ! A new character who has nothing to envy to Janky and Guggimon ...

Nothing can't stop Superplastic whose expansion has something to spin. It must be said that with his characters Janky and Guggimon the art toys creator, led by Paul Budnitz and Huck Gee, laid the foundation for a colorful style that oscillates between art and fashion. Hypebeast, the characters of Superplastic revisit the figurine while surfing the trends of the moment. And if we add to that the collaborations with renowned artists, it's the jackpot.

Moreover, it's with Pete Fowler, again, that Superplastic associates to put forward its last personage: Hench.With the apparence of a beast and his look always exuberant, Hench catches the eye. Thanks to the talents of Pete Fowler, he can play all hypebeast shots (grillz, shouting leopard patterns, Wallabees) and be the stereotype of the worst conspiracies in the world wearing a suit against radioactive waste, whose logo is a UFO.

It's obvious that the second degree of Pete Fowler will be appreciated again thanks to the two 9" Hench figurines available on our website at a price of 99.90 €. The must ? Hench "S.I.T.E" is phosphorescent ...

Credits : Artoyz/ Superplastic / Pete Fowler 

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