INCH LAB, the Malaysian publisher of art toys is needed !
19 juin
INCH LAB, the Malaysian publisher of art toys is needed !

The Malaysian scene is making great strides in art toys and Inch Lab is not for nothing.

Newcomer, born in March 2018, Inch Lab (understand "Idea Nurture Create Hatch" Lab) is the result of 4 friends passionate about figurines ! Promoting the work of emerging artists and designers is one of their missions but you will tell us that it looks a lot like what other publishers do. INCH LAB, however, has the distinction of highlighting the artistic scene of Southeast Asia.

"We work closely with artists starting from an Idea which we carefully Nurture it with fun and love. Their ideas will be used to Create an innovative cross between sculptures and conceptual arts. Eventually the artists will have the opportunity to see their artistic ideas Hatched out into alternative presentation of their art or design in the form of Designer Art Collectibles."Promising, the founders of INCH LAB team up with OvOvO Toy - which has been making figurines for more than 20 years - to develop quality parts, even on small quantities ! But that's not all. Already very productive, INCH LAB has collaborated with 3 renowned Malaysian artists : Tako Evangelione, Sean Lee and CZ Blank whose figurines date between now and last quarter of 2019.

Just take a look.

Let's start with Evangelione who specialized in the artistic doll. For Odette - an adorably vintage name - the artist was inspired by Tchaikovsky's tragic ballet, Swan Lake.Odette, in the form of a rather stylized swan, finds herself trapped by a spell and waits for true love to break it. More romantic-tragic, impossible ! So you have understood, Evangelione is storytelling the keystone of his work of figurines. Promising, we told you.

Illustrator since 2008, Sean Lee has a wider reputation with work done in Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and of course Malaysia. His first solo exhibition took place in 2014 simultaneously with the release of his book "We're Beast" but it is really in 2016 that he starts to art toy. With INCH LAB he developed Look Back Horse, a figurine that illustrates a Chinese proverb that a dignified man does not look behind whatever the difficulty of the path before him. Yet, Sean Lee kindly reinterprets this proverb to ensure that a man can look behind him if the path before him promises nothing better. Metaphorical and optimistic, Look Back Horse is a colorful figurine that will be released in early July 2019.

Self-taught, Azry Rahim aka Cz Blank is a motion designer who has officiated in the midst of a notable way in Malaysia. Always interested in 3D, CZ Blank launched into the figure by imagining RoboApe, a scared-arm monkey who could scare away. But do not be fooled by appearances, RoboApe is actually very nice - despite his imposing size - and just wants to make new friends. Note that he still crossed the galaxy to find happiness on Earth. Somewhat utopian by the times but absolutely refreshing. And we love RoboApe for something else: this figurine can be customized with several patterns, tattoos and has an interchangeable magnetic face. It'll be available in september 2019 !

Visit the INCH LAB website to keep up to date with news!