JARHEAD NanoTEQ NUTBUSTER by Quiccs x DevilToys
07 octo.
JARHEAD NanoTEQ NUTBUSTER by Quiccs x DevilToys

Certainly, the Taipei Toy Festival 2019 will have its beautiful and exclusive toys !

16 years old. It's been 16 years since the Taipei Toy Festival shines light on the toys scene, revealing emerging artists and their creations. This year, many meet there as Quiccs. Particularly appreciated by fans, Quiccs once again became associated with Devil Toys. For the occasion Nano TEQ NUTBUSTER is star, after having his prototype also revealed at the same show. It's been successful so Quiccs and Devil Toys decided to launch it in a brand new color.

Jarhead. This is the name of this new figure, whose mesmerizing electric purple with large monochromatic parts enhanced with gold and silver. A way to emphasize details while creating a visual rhythm. Good game. This 6" figure with round lines and a robotic look is added to the other colors of the series that collectors like.

If we have not heard of a pre-order, we know that Jarhead Nano NUTBUSTER will be presented on October 10 at the Devil Toys booth at the Taipei Toy Festival until October 13th.

Credits : Quiccs / Devil Toys 

Source : The Toy Chronicle / Quiccs 

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