Jason Freeny : anatomy of a work
08 févr.
Jason Freeny : anatomy of a work

Anatomy is, according to the Cambridge dictionary, the scientific study of the body and how its parts are arranged. Whether it is in natural sciences during your schooling, coming across a diagram in a leafed dictionary absent-mindedly or if you have studied medicine (and in this case bravo), you have necessarily come across these representations more or less schematic of a dissected body with all that that entails of fascination / repulsion. Complex machinery, even miraculous, the body is, indeed, fascinating by the tangle of complex organs that work together to keep us upright, seated, tired or awake, hangover or in good shape, in short, alive . Jason Freeny is a New York sculptor who previously worked for MTV Networks and ESPN before pursuing a solo career in 2010. If the relationship between anatomy and Jason Freeny at first seems unclear to you, wait until you see the man's work and you will understand! Creator of ultra-detailed sculptures, in 2015 he signed a contract with MightyJaxx who have since produced reproductions of his sculptures in the form of figurines. So what, Jason Freeny is it? Well first, the artist always takes an iconic figure from the world of childhood, a balloon sculpture, a gummi bear, or a cartoon character. Then he dissects it so that he can represent his anatomy. Full of humor, these figures are not crude and scary realism. Rather, they carry a child's imagination that wants to rationalize and explain the inexplicable.
So let's take a quick tour of the different worlds covered by the artist.

Looney Tunes :

From Tweety to Bugs Bunny to Taz, the artist's action figures on the Warner Bros universe are pretty hilarious and give a little glimpse of what goes on under Marvin the Martian's helmet!


DC comics : If Batman, key character of the famous comic book firm, is represented here with an orbit necessarily gathered, his comrades are not left out! Whether it's with good guys like Cyborg and Aquaman, or less nice like Catwoman and Deadshot, there is something for advocates of justice as well as those who have succumbed to the dark side.


Sesame Street : The famous educational series is dissected here for the delight of young and old with Cookie Monster and its big belly and Oscar the Grounchwhich visibly becomes one with its trash can.


Adventure time :If Jake the dog and Finn the human are not really afraid of anything, neither is Jason Freeny, since he will here explore the workings of our two friends as well as that of BMO, the small console with a big heart!


SpongeBob SquarePants : New range of hidden dissectibles SpongeBob SquarePants with this time a range centered on the memes of this brave bob that have been populating the internet for several years now! To find very soon on our site and in store!

Hidden Dissectibles Spongebob Squarepants Meme Edition

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