Jon-Paul Kaiser does a poetic custom of Muffinman's Robin bird
09 mars
Jon-Paul Kaiser does a poetic custom of Muffinman's Robin bird

A sort of Toy Con UK's teaser...

D-5 before the opening of Toy Con UK, an essential event for toy collectors. Exclusive collections, meetings with designers but also customs are the heart of this convention which brings together the best market players including Jon-Paul Kaiser, outstanding artist. It's simple, his customs are amazing, melting finesse and accumulation. A perfect work once again found on Robin, the adorable bird of Muffinman. Jon-Paul Kaiser therefore gives a new look to this bird which is used to playing chameleons according to his outings.

We know Robin transparent, matt, ultra detailed and sometimes colorblock... but it's a whole different look that Jon-Paul Kaiser has reserved to Robin. More dark while being terribly poetic, Jon-Paul Kaiser uses his different universes to decorate the feathers of the bird through flowers (pink and red), a fish with a skull or even a dragon. A spectacular work on the movement which creates the contrast with the rest of the figurine whose details seem to have been sketched. A technical juxtaposition which makes of this custom an extremely rich work which you will be able to see on the stand of Muffinman at Toy Con UK next March 14 and 15.

Credits : Jon-Paul Kaiser / Muffinman 

Source : Jon-Paul Kaiser Instagram

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