Josh Divine : When the toy begin to fall
09 sept.
Josh Divine : When the toy begin to fall

There is something deeply funny about a minor fall. It's always been fun, whether in burlesque cinema like Laurel & Hardy or Buster Keaton, or, closer to France, the many falls that punctuate Tintin's various adventures.

If, in the world of toy design, we tend to highlight the figurines with poses all the more impressive than the others, a turbulent student has come to put a little chaos in this too clean world. His name: Josh Divine.

If he started with a classic career with Nickelodeon, Pinky & the Brain or Rick and Morty figures for Kidrobot ...

... it deviates from this path in 2018 with Astro Crash

The concept is simple, a famous pop culture robot who triumphs in the carpet, and ends up with his face nailed to the ground in a puddle of oil. Successful figurine, she will know many derivatives, in vintage black and white, in gold, and even models magnified by Klav.

Today, we are also offering you the latest figures in this range, a little smaller, but in two monochrome blue and white models.

Two years later, he will reuse this concept with another well-known character, a mustached plumber who has been in video games for several decades now.

Once again, the success is total and as you can imagine many derivatives have emerged.

The last figurine of this crazy project is the only one to have an official license, and not just any: Popeye. Scheduled for October 2021, it is one of the pieces that excites us the most for this end of the year.

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