Josh Divine x Strangecat Toys release Astro Crash !
05 juin
Josh Divine x Strangecat Toys release Astro Crash !

Astro what? Astro Crash or how to make you sweat by seeing one of your favorite characters literally crash on the floor.

Fortunately for the mythical Astro Boy it's metaphorically and made with great taste. The idea of ​​Josh Divine ? Explore the end of technology by wondering if there's a possibility of life once the motherboard crashed. What give a blow to our childhood hero by plunging into a hard reality.
By the way, if the name of Josh Divine does not tell you much perhaps know that he is the head of concept design of Kidrobot. Yes, just that. This does not prevent him from having thought of this version of Astro Boy in 2017: at the time it was on a pin. But it was by partnering with Strangecat Toys that the 9" vinyl toy was born, to the delight of the fans of Osamu Tezuka's robot. Face down, legs in the air, Astro Crash was unveiled at the Five Points Festival a few days ago creating a desire for immediate purchase.
                                     Be patient, Astro Crash will be soon available on Artoyz !
crédits : Josh Divine/ Strangecat Toys 

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