Junko mizuno: women, tales and toys
11 mars
Junko mizuno: women, tales and toys

Junko Mizuno is a Japanese artist who was born in 1973. Before focusing on toy design it is advisable to dwell a little on his first productions, namely comics! Like a punk Walt Disney, she will re-adapt several tales like Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel and even the Little Mermaid.
Far from being satisfied with these adaptations, she will also create her own stories such as Pure Trance or Ravina the witch!
Contributor to the rock magazine "H", she has also produced numerous visuals revolving around music. So what is Mizuno style? First of all, the woman is at the center of all of Mizuno's work. Then, her style is a game of contrast between an almost childish "cute" trait and in any case affable and benevolent, and dark and sordid stories and universes in which she fully expresses her style. In toy design, it is difficult not to mention the collaboration between the artist and supperplastic. Whether with the Janky series or the Superjanky, it has contributed to the liveliness of this colorful game.
Let us also mention his collaboration with our label Artoyz originals for a leo'z series 2 and that with kidrobot for a Dunny la flame! Finally, let's finish this little overview with the brand new figurine that has just arrived from Mighty Jaxx: Mermaid's Purse.

Twisting the neck to preconceived ideas about these poor mermaids manhandled for centuries, it offers a pretty scene of life 19 cm high in which we find a luscious mermaid accompanied by a loving shark, a shark in the belly and the tampering with baby bottles that the latter will inevitably generate!

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