Kage Bunshin No Touma !!!
26 déce.
Kage Bunshin No Touma !!!

The Japanese artist Touma and Mighty Jaxx team up again to offer us the "Neun Schwanz Fuchs", better known here as the Fox with Nine Tails! A real beauty!

Well known in the world of figurines designers, Touma offers us with this piece a true masterpiece. His very particular and extremely dynamic style, the Monsieur started at Sega in the Sonic Team, is recognizable immediately. Touma has accustomed us these last years with the adaptation of characters of Comics such as the Avengers or Ant-Man at Marvel and the Justice League for the Distinguished Competition. We also did not forget his Knuckle Bear, his first ever iconic Toy.Pre-order this weekend via the website of the manufacturer Mighty Jaxx!

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