Kaikai & Kiki of Takashi Murakami in Black and White Version
26 août
Kaikai & Kiki of Takashi Murakami in Black and White Version

Barely a few months after a successful launch, Murakami returns with his favorite characters in an almost vintage version.

When we think black and white Takashi Murakami is not the first artist we think about and yet he surprises again by being where we don't expect, choosing the duotone to present his new figures. Remember, he had launched at the beginning of the year the figures of Kaikai & Kiki with the publisher Instinctoy, in white and pink to respect their original colors but had put blue eyes. It was an immediate success, this is why this new edition should also be appreciated.

Very graphic and refined, these figurines highlight the finesse of the work of Takashi Murakami, whose accumulation of colored details - although being his signature - can disrupt more than one.

If no information has been communicated on a release date or a price, it is assumed that Takashi Murakami and Instinctoy have planned a device equivalent to the last sale, made after a lottery.

So stay tuned, the details of this new collaboration should not delay.

Credits : Takashi Murakami 

Source : Takashi Murakami Instagram 

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