Kaws back with a giant BFF at Dali Art Plaza in Taiwan !
15 juil.
Kaws back with a giant BFF at Dali Art Plaza in Taiwan !

For a surprise, it's a surprise. Kaws launches a new sculpture at the Dali Art Plaza in Taichung, central Taiwan.

This industrial city is often the scene of gigantic installations orchestrated by the most prominent contemporary artists. This time it's Kaws who comes to present BFF !

With another major event, with the show of a 40-meter-long Companion sculpture in Japan, Kaws is everywhere to delight his work's fans. If BFF Taichung is much smaller - however, remains several meters high - its popularity is obvious, you can see all the pictures that flood Instagram this morning. People come in numbers to admire this electric blue sculpture of one of the favorite characters and artists. But we know, when Kaws presents one of his projects, merchandising is not far. A 6-inch plush is also subject to the amazed eyes of the public who buy it for sure; everybody can't have Kaws sculpture at home.

For now, no details about the availability of this plush outside of Dali Art Plaza but who knows, maybe you are on site during the exhibition ?

Kaws BFF at Dali Art Plaza was lauched today today morning and visible until September 15, 2019 in Taichung, central Taiwan.

Crédits : Kaws / winstonwinston1
Source : Kaws Instagram

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