Kidrobot presents its exclusive figures for the SDCC 2019
17 juil.
Kidrobot presents its exclusive figures for the SDCC 2019

D-1 before the SDCC 2019 strongly awaited every year by thousands of pop culture enthusiasts. For this edition, let's take a look at Kidrobot exclusives.

It's a ritual, the big editors of collectible figurines meet at the SDCC 2019 to present their news to a conquered public. With or without teasing, these figures are even entitled to a pre-order phase. It's not Kidrobot who says otherwise, his exclusive figures for the SDCC 2019 being sold out already. What can we find at the show tomorrow ?

4 new figurines with diametrically opposed universes, showing all the skill of Kidrobot who uses his talents to show iconic characters otherwise. Let's start with one who celebrates his 20th birthday ! We'ra talking about the most famous sponge - SpongeBob - in its rainbow version. Bright and flashy colors for the funny Stephen Hillenburg's character, who will not go unnoticed in the streets of Bikini Bottom. For this small figure of 8 ", limited to 300 pieces, things have been seen in big because we can find a real sponge inside Kidrobot SpongeBob 20th Anniversary Shellebration 8" Art Figure [Rainbow]. An absolute must-have.

Full of extravagance too, the Buzzkill Chia Pet 5 "Dunny by the South African artist Kronk has something to compete with, although apparently this Buzzkill Chia Dunny looks classic, the creativity of Kidrobot and Kronk is really strong by creating a head that acts as a pot. Yes, the predominant yellow-green color was not enough, it was necessary to make this Dunny more alive and exuberant by giving him a green hair made of chia, a variety of sage. You understand, it's up to you to have the pleasure of growing this Dunny's hair as you wish. Limited to 200 pieces, this Dunny will have a huge success.

Maybe you were not born in 1974, but you've probably seen the movie Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla ? This movie by Jun Fukuda staged Godzilla against MechaGodzilla, its metal version specially designed by the Aliens to prevent it when they will be gently embedded on Earth. Kidrobot takes the opportunity to honor this super-villain in an all-chrome, yellow-eyed, 8 "miniature, all of which is almost identical to the movie. MechaGodzilla will probably attract moviegoers.

Finally, it is Aggretsuko's turn to go under the spotlight with Kidrobot in a reddish phosphorescent version. Character created by Yeti for Sanrio - Hello Kitty's creative company - Aggretsuko is currently on Netflix for a second season, making it a hot topic. For this Aggretsuko Rage 6 "Vinyl Art Figure - Red Glow In The Dark count 500 pieces in the world.

The 4 exclusives will be available for purchase at San Diego Comic Con as the coveted stand of Kidrobot.

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Source : Kidrobot

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