Kidrobot presents Vladonna !!!
19 avril
Kidrobot presents Vladonna !!!

"Vladonna" what's behind this name ?! Kidrobot has just released the first fashion doll in Do It Yourself! With generous forms, we are far from the usual Dunny!

Forget Barbie et al., Kidrobot just released the first self-customizing doll: Vladonna!Designed in collaboration with Pearl (aka Matthew Lent) the star of the reality show RuPaul's Drag Race (which happens to be a drag queens competition), designer Gina Garan, well known for her dolls Blythe and Kidrobot, Vladonna offers Extraordinary proportion between wasp waist, long legs, exorbitant chest and luscious lips. The doll is offered with 3 hair colors: Blonde, Lavender or Brown. It measures 12 inches and is accompanied by a base.
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