KUB, the new vinyl toy by Mike Fudge x UVD Toys
29 juil.
KUB, the new vinyl toy by Mike Fudge x UVD Toys

Here the new version of KUB, this character imagined by Mike Fudge who came to life in two years ...

It was in 2017 at Designer Con that KUB was presented for the first time to the public. Through the publisher of UVD Toys we had discovered the character of KUB, created by the American artist Mike Fudge. His speciality ? To cross influences to give life to characters halfway between reality and mythology, drawing its references in the Amerindian culture in particular. For KUB, Mike Fudge is close to pop and street influences that must dig with a bestiary transcended and personified.

And it is UVD Toys that Mike Fudge chose to go from 2D to 3D with KUB, which you discover in the OG Edition, with its deep turquoise.

Delivered in a figure of 7 inch and edited to 150 pieces, KUB is a perfect introduction to the spellbinding and very modern work of Mike Fudge. To find on UVD TOYS's website

Credits : UVD Toys/ Mike Fudge

Source : UVD Toys/Mike Fudge