LEGO releases DIY wooden figurine to remember its history
05 nove.
LEGO releases DIY wooden figurine to remember its history

Plastic ? It has not always been the case at LEGO, the proof with this wooden figurine that plunges us into its incredible story.

If, like us, you grew up in the 80s and 90s, you couldn't miss the LEGO. Nestable plastic bricks and stylized characters are the recipe of the Danish company Ole Kirk Christiansen. In 1932 he imposed on the market his minimalist toys that encourage the child to create and build a universe of its own. It's in this spirit that LEGO is coming out - more than 87 years later - a customizable wooden figurine giving free rein to your creativity !

Beyond its sleek design very popular in recent years, this figure 5 times larger than the classic figurines invites you to take pens and brushes to create on this wood, material originally used before the transition to plastic by LEGO in 1952. Evidently, the link to the contemporary version of the figurine is made with his hands in yellow plastic, the iconic color of the house.

From the top of its 8" and its oak body - made in partnership with Room Copenhagen - the wooden LEGO Originals figurine displayed at 119,90 € should make happy before Christmas ! See you on November 8 on the LEGO website.

Credits : LEGO 

Source : LEGO/ Hypebeast