Lil Red Hood CRYBABY by Molly's Factory x Finding Unicorn
13 août
Lil Red Hood CRYBABY by Molly's Factory x Finding Unicorn

The story of Little Red Riding Hood revisited by Molly Yllom and Finding Unicorn, it's happening here ...

"[...] One day she gave her a little red velvet cap, which was so good that she did not want to wear any more, so she was called Red Riding Hood". When we were children, we all had the right to the range of Grimm's tales including that of Little Red Riding Hood. This terrifying fantasy is part of a folklore very well reinterpreted by the Thai artist Molly Yllom of Molly's Factory and the publisher Finding Unicorn.

It's the character Crybaby Molly who wears the mythical red suit to rush into the scary forest. And we understand, the big bad Wolf scared us too. With its endearing look and its retro side, Lil Red Hood Crybaby is going to be very successful at the BTS 2019 (Beijing Toy Show) where it is presented this Friday.

If we know that it is published in 201 pieces only, no information has been given for the time being regarding the size or the price of Lil Red Hood Crybaby.

Credits : Molly's Factory/ Finding Unicorn 

Source : The Toy Chronicle