Little Red Riding Hood becomes Sepia!
07 avril
Little Red Riding Hood becomes Sepia!

Little Red Riding Hood is back but this time she wears a Sepia color of the most beautiful effect! We take advantage of the exhibition of his father, Stéphane Levallois, to present it to you!

Limited to 200 copies, the Sepia version of our Story Killers is the latest version of Stéphane Levallois' Petit Chaperon!A reminder of the collaboration between Artoyz and Stéphane Levallois:"Story Killers is the new collection we are starting with Stéphane Levallois with whom we are already working on Toxic Candies.The general idea of ​​the collection is Girl Power.Stéphane is re-appropriating the heroines of the tales of our childhood and returns the scenario. The little girl or girl is no longer there to suffer and hope for a saving prince, but she imposes herself and settles her own problems ... sometimes a little violent.The first Story Killer to emerge is Little Red Riding Hood who decided to settle his account to the wolf and after slicing his head chose to proudly display his trophy!Little Red Riding Hood was carved in France by Etienne Aillaud aka Bombyx from drawings by Stéphane Levallois.Do not forget to visit the Stéphane Levallois exhibition at the Arludik Gallery, where you will discover paintings and exceptional sketches by the author!

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