MEDICOM TOY Exhibition ’18 !
11 juin
MEDICOM TOY Exhibition ’18 !

If you are visiting Japan this summer, more precisely in Tokyo from July 21 to 26, Medicom Toy will exhibit new pieces!

To celebrate its 22 years of existence, the brand to which we owe the Bearbricks invites us to an exhibition to show the public their latest innovations and their next novelties!  The press release:"Welcome to MEDICOM TOY EXHIBITON'18MEDICOM TOY is a company with the spirit of novelty and global visions.Celebrating the company's 22nd anniversary, MEDICOM TOY EXHIBITION '18 this year will bring you new discoveries and innovations.A large number of "products" created by MEDICOM TOY have influenced markets of different kinds. It becomes more than a toy. As products have become more valuable, transforming into interior and art pieces, MEDICOM TOY has entered a whole new era.We walked and every step we took was meaningful and inspiring. "Doing the things we want" is a strong message we sent to the world. As a tree has gained its rings of growth, we are progressing and will continue to prosper.MEDICOM TOY Exhibition '18 will take place in the Omotesando Hills O space for fans around the world, inviting as always your sensation and excitement.We invite you to witness the growth of MEDICOM TOY, to discover interesting articles and to experience something new! "( Among the works that will be teased there are the Bearbricks of the American skater Steve Caballero, the Japanese artist Kaori Hinata with his hinds and fawns so Kawaii and the Hong Kong studio Play Studio with an edition of their Oni format 400% already released in the 35 series.Medicom will also take this opportunity to present the Indestructible family of Pixar, which we will find at the cinema this summer!  Find all the infos on the Instagram page of Medicom Toy and on the website!

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