Medicom Toy's news at Jumble in Paris!
21 juin
Medicom Toy's news at Jumble in Paris!

Until Sunday, the trade fair Jumble Tokyo highlights the new products from Japan, including those of Medicom Toy, which are simply maddening.

It's clear for anyone, Medicom Toy is never left to imagine crazy collabs on its Bearbrick with artists, brands and licenses that we absolutely want. We like to have a small piece of the world of great artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring - we particularly appreciate the new Bearbrick Dancing Men Black & White - or Andy Warhol (with his interpretation of the Cene with Chist). On the other hand, the more contemporary artists - and by that we mean "alive" - ​​are also present as the photographer Mika Ninagawa, to name her.

Besides what we like with the Bearbrick is that they represent many layers of pop culture: art, fashion, music, cinema ... It is not strange to see Marilyn Monroe in his mythical white dress, the clown of the movie "IT" - thank you Stephen King - or Michael Jackson with his look in the timeless Thriller clip. In passing it makes revising the classics. Medicom Toy also gives us the opportunity to make us dance. You do not understand ? Wait to see.

You'll necessarily want to listen Daft Punk's Discovery and Random Access Memories when you see the two new Bearbrick series coming out. Chromed colors, rainbow, contrasting, we find the neo-disco style very graphic pockets of these albums. We already love them.

But if your thing is more fashion, we also have what you need. Bape, Shareef, Anrealage and Porter had fun deciding their patterns and fabrics to create bridges between disciplines and the result is gorgeous. All over colored patterns, technical fabric covering the Bearbrick or translucent part in which we find other objects, no limit is given to the creation.

Obviously a good presentation of Medicom Toy news wouldn't be successful without Bearbrick of manga, cartoons and books that we had as children. So it's Tsubasa from Captain Tsubasa - transparent ears as a bonus - Hello Kitty (because after all she celebrates 45 years) or Where's Waldo ? that we can get.

For the luxury pieces Royal Selangor, specializing in the treatment of tin, and Karimoku, specializing in wood, put their know-how at the service of Medicom Toy making craft parts extremely valuable.

You thought it was over ? No, because you have to be told something that literally glued to us : Jumble' showroom was presented a resin with the representation of Duchamp's Fountain. Yes, you read well, we are talking about this major work of Marcel Duchamp's Ready-Made movement dating from 1917 being on display at George Pompidou Center in Paris. Art lovers will certainly rush on...

All you have to do is watch out for the awesome Medivcom Toy's Bearbrick releases.