Mini Egg Attack
10 juin
Mini Egg Attack

In the department of figurines with imposing faces, Funko Pop has established itself as an undisputed master ... but not undeniable. Indeed, in recent years, the company Beast Kingdom has offered 3 ranges of Egg Attack to challenge the established leader and may one day become caliph instead of the caliph.

Egg Attack

Egg Attack is the base line of Beast Kingdom. There are various figurines, usually supplied with a small base to form a pretty diorama. In terms of licenses we find everything from Star Wars, Marvel, DC comics

Egg Attack Action

The Egg Attack action range once again covers multiple worlds with this time very, very high-end action figures measuring 16 cm in size. Each figurine has 30 points of articulation, all-round accessories, interchangeable hands, ball joints as if it were raining, textile additives of very good quality often reinforced. Each model is of course delivered with a stand, in order to be able to keep the pose without risk. And above all we find the special touch of the range with slightly deformed carvings which give an unparalleled charm to the range!

Mini Egg Attack

Finally, let's talk about the most present range on our site: the Mini Egg Attack. 10 cm (4 inches) high, these figures also draw from various franchises, but benefit from a much more affordable price than their predecessors.

If you only have to remember one series, the author of this text recommends without any hesitation the Mickey 90 series which was produced for the 90 years of the famous mouse and which pays tribute to various appearances of the rodent, of Steamboat Willie to a modernized version of the character, it is a sublime tribute steeped in respect.

Disney always with this time a series that focuses only on the villains.

This time, it is no longer villains, but secondary characters that are offered to us by Beast Kingdom.

Finally, let's end with a series that will delight comic book fans with 4 outgoing Spider-Man figures!