MISAPPROPRIATED ICON Show by Strangecat Toys
17 mars
MISAPPROPRIATED ICON Show by Strangecat Toys

An exceptional show is currently being held at the Redefine Gallery in Orlando: "MISAPPROPRIATED ICON"! Where to revisit the iconic Companion from KAWS!

Bringing together a good number of talented Artists, Strangecat Toys offers us an original show based on DIY reproductions of the Companion by artist KAWS.

If you are passing through Orlando, take a walk through the Redefine Gallery. The featured artists are:@inprimewetrust@nugglife@thejennbot@thetonybot@jellykoe@mikefudgeart@urbanaztec@mpgautheron@ jay222toy@tomodachiisland@dashiffa@ink_visuals@ to Toysrevil for the info!

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